Precious Christ. Understanding The Mystery of Divine Incarnation

Precious Christ. Understanding The Mystery of Divine Incarnation
Precious Christ. Understanding The Mystery of Divine Incarnation
Автор Алексей Коломийцев
Издательство Международное служение Слово Благодати, г Баттл Граунд, Вашингтон
Год издания 2021
Количество страниц 257
ISBN 9789662640762

There are some who refuse to believe in God just because they cannot explain all of His actions. However, just as we cannot explain the intricacies of economics to a toddler, God cannot pour out the entire amount of information about Himself in our minds. We are simply unable to grasp it.

But we can understand a lot about God by meeting Him face to face. This is why the incarnation of Christ was the greatest revelation of God to mankind. God personally came to earth that we could get to know Him - that we could know His character and what it means to imitate Him.

The book "Precious Christ" answers the most common questions that arise while reading the Bible:

- Why did God need to become a human? Why couldn't He save us with just one word or decision?

- Why didn't Christ just descend from heaven to Calvary and redeem us, but live on earth for 33 years?

- If Christ's earthly ministry only lasted three years, what was the reason for the other 30?

- If Christ rose from the dead, why are we still dying?

- Why does the Bible insist that Christ was resurrected not only in the spirit but also in body?

- Why didn't Christ stay on earth so He could gain more followers?

And most importantly:

- How does everything that happened with Christ relate to us?

This book will change the way you think about Christ and about yourself. It will become an indispensable evangelistic tool for those who really want to understand the essence of the Christian faith.

  • Код товара: 310-489
  • ISBN: 9789662640762